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 MetaTrader OpenAPI

Currently MetaTrader Server 4.0 is the most modern and functional platform for forex trading. However, it has a big disadvantage – it has a closed architecture. A server of MetaTrader 4.0 trading platform does not have any open interface for interconnection with third parties software. But it could be expanded with some plug-ins.

RBN Tech created a plug-in which provides open interface to third parties software.

Its features:

  • Getting lists of accounts and groups ;
  • Getting information about accounts and groups;
  • Getting open trading positions.

The plug-in is an intermediary between any information system like CRM or web-site (a client) and MetaTrader 4 trading server. The plug-in receives a query from a client, transmit it to the server and then prepare and send requested information to the client.

The plug-in is completely safe to use. To get any information a client must be authorized, and all the data is encrypted.

The flexible protocol based on JSON and other open standards are used for client and plug-in interconnection.

An installation package with the plug-in contains:

  • Plug-in’s DLL;
  • Setup Guide;
  • Protocol specification;
  • Client realization example (C#).
The plug-in price is $700 for each server on which the plug-in will be used.

To get ability to make any adaptation of the plug-in you may buy plug-in source code. Plug-in price together with the source code is $20000, thus the quantity of servers is not limited – provided that all these servers belong to your company.

To get the plug-in, please contact us!

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