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 Advertisement Module for Kentico CMS

The advertisement module is a component (custom module) for Kentico CMS. It allows you to place and track advertise on your site. It is not necessary to advertise others; you can advertise your own products and services. This module contains banner management and statistics both.

With the module you can use banners of three kinds:

  • simple graphical banners (GIF or JPEG);
  • Flash-banners;
  • HTML banners, which remove all borders!

The module allows you place certain banners as soon as make advertising campaigns. Please note, advertising campaigns are common for a few sites in single Kentico CMS installation. For banners and for campaigns you can specify target users (by age and gender yet), define limitations by number of exposures, by number of clicks or by exposing period. Sure, you can adjust probability of certain banners and campaigns.

You can sell an advertise and absence of an advertise! Define the probability of advertising exposure in banner place for users roles; even fully hide it, if you want.

Also the module has the following features:

  • “ClickTag” for flash-banners;
  • Default banners;
  • Notifications of limitations reaches;
  • Fully integration with Kentico CMS 4.1, 5.0, 5.5, 5.5R2.

The module collects statistics of exposures and click on banners. The statistics collects with one hour precision. You can see the statistics by banners in campaigns or banner place, or summary for all the banners. Sure, you can make custom reports with Kentico CMS build-in reporting module.

The module develops. New feature is released one time per month. Also, we release new build of the module for every build of Kentico CMS, so you can stay up-to-date with the CMS and the module.

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