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 Version 1.4.x.438 of the AdModule

What's new?

So, we have add following things:

  • Campaign and banner targets. Now you can specify, should a banner exposure for anonymous or authorized users, and for what users. Yet you can specify users by age and gender.
  • Default banner. This banner will not expose in common way. however, if there are now banner in a placeholder, default banner will be exposed.
  • Probability of exposing of banner placeholders. You can fully hide all banners for Administrator, and sell not only advertise, but it's absence too.

Also, we have improved the performance.

And once more...

  1. We removed all documentation from installation package. Now it is available on the site. Sure, documentation will update frequently.
  2. We have separated packages for 4.1 and 5.0 versions of Kentico CMS. Package for 5.0 will update more frequently - with every CMS hotfix.
  3. We have decided to change price policy. Now license packages will available for 1 site, 2 sites, 5 sites and 20 sites. Appropriate changes at ShareIt! will be made soon...
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