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The AdModule (v. 1.5.x.464)

So, the next version of the advertisement module for Kentico CMS was released today.

In this version we introduce advertisers, persons who give you advertise. In this version you can define it, specify email and phone. In next version you will get ability to associate advertisers with users, so they will have ability to manage their banners by them-self.

Also, now you can define target cultures for banners and campaigns.

Moreover, in this version culture and user are fixed in statistics for every exposure and click of banner. Please note, we do not provide reports by these data yet, however you can use Kentico CMS build-in Report module.

And for the end – we fixed one bug and improve performance of the module.

Posted: 4/8/2010 11:33:59 PM by Gorchaev Mark | with 0 comments

Lightbox from Kentico CMS and Internet Explorer

I bet you have been in situation shown on the picture, if you used “Lightbox” webpart of the Kentico CMS in Internet Explorer.

As you can see, the image was loaded, but background and border of the lightbox does not fit the image – they are too small.

Here how it should be right.

This situation occurs because lightbox scripts begins the border resize early than the image was loaded. Easy solution for the problem is resize canceling or load delay increasing

Increase of the load delay – that is good solution, however, an image could be loaded quickly, but the script will wait and wait again…

Let’s take a look at lightbox loader script. You can see it in «/CMSScripts/lightbox/lightboxLoader.js» file of your sire.

Here is TryShow function:

function TryShow()
    if ((windowWidth == 0 || windowHeight == 0))
        setTimeout("TryShow();", loadDelay)
        mtmpobj.style.visibility = '';
        myLightbox.resizeImageContainer(windowWidth, windowHeight);

windowWidth and windowHeight are variables which contain size of loaded image. It seems this function will wait until image is loaded. Hm…

However, size of unloaded image in the Internet Explorer is not zero, but equals of size of image which is loaded when an image cannot be loaded. And here is the problem appears!

To solve this problem we replace the line

if ((windowWidth == 0 || windowHeight == 0))

to line

if ((windowWidth < 50 || windowHeight < 50))

The size could be less or more. Please note, the script works wrong if the size of image showing by the lightbox is less 50 pixels.

And for the end, the script analyze of windowWidth and windowHeight variables in function TryShow as soon as some other. Here are line numbers in source script: 23, 54, 99.

Good luck!

Posted: 4/6/2010 9:47:07 PM by Gorchaev Mark | with 0 comments

New Payment Options

We continue to work over the extension of ways of our products purchase.

And here the new way of payment has just been added: Webmoney.

Webmoney is an electronic payment system, like PayPal. And though it has created in Russia, now Webmoney is presented in many countries of the world: in Europe, in the USA. Payments in the system can be made in several currencies: US dollars, euro, roubles. More details about the Webmoney: www.wmtransfer.com. Payments in the Webmoney are made instantly, so you receive a serial key for the Advertisement module at once after payment.

Thus, now you can pay purchase by next ways: Webmoney; credit cards (by ShareIt! service); bank transfer. PayPal will be next!

Besides, we have a little changes in payment procedure. In the list of variants of purchase now there is no link for transition on ShareIt!, there is simply a link to “Buy” page.

By pressing this link you will go to page where it will be necessary for you to select a way of payment, to specify purchase, and to specify your e-mail address.

Take attention, if you pay by the Webmoney you should specify a correct e-mail address! The serial key will be sent you to this email.

We wish good luck in usage of the Advertisement module and other products by RBN Tech!

Posted: 3/30/2010 10:57:53 AM by Gorchaev Mark | with 0 comments

Version 1.4.x.438 of the AdModule

What's new?

So, we have add following things:

  • Campaign and banner targets. Now you can specify, should a banner exposure for anonymous or authorized users, and for what users. Yet you can specify users by age and gender.
  • Default banner. This banner will not expose in common way. however, if there are now banner in a placeholder, default banner will be exposed.
  • Probability of exposing of banner placeholders. You can fully hide all banners for Administrator, and sell not only advertise, but it's absence too.

Also, we have improved the performance.

And once more...

  1. We removed all documentation from installation package. Now it is available on the site. Sure, documentation will update frequently.
  2. We have separated packages for 4.1 and 5.0 versions of Kentico CMS. Package for 5.0 will update more frequently - with every CMS hotfix.
  3. We have decided to change price policy. Now license packages will available for 1 site, 2 sites, 5 sites and 20 sites. Appropriate changes at ShareIt! will be made soon...
Posted: 3/15/2010 5:24:17 PM by Gorchaev Mark | with 0 comments


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